Candles For Kymber

Let's rally for Kymber! Kymber Johnson is a beautiful and sweet 11 year-old girl that has been diagnosed, in our community of Columbia Falls, MT, with Osteosarcoma.  She has gone through so much and is such a fighter! We, at 406 Soap and Candle Co, thought it would be fun to show her, and her family, some love with a candle fundraiser!  One of the best things about this project is Kymber, herself, designed the candles, reflecting some of her favorite things. The light teal color, on the label, is her favorite color; her Warrior Princess crown and initials are her design request, and because her favorite activities include, riding her Go Kart and Razoring, her favorite scent is RACE FUEL! We told you she is tough! She also chose a runner-up scent for those who may prefer the beach over racing.  One of her favorite Bath and Body Works soaps is called, 'At The Beach'!  Let's support the Johnson family and show Kymber some love!

Scents: Race Fuel & At The Beach

*Natural Coconut Wax
*Lead, Zinc free cotton wicks
*8oz Reusable glass jar

$15 of each candle purchase will go to the Johnson family. Thank you!