Welcome to 406 Soap and Candle Co!

We are Megan (left) and Leanne (right), Montana sisters, that started our small business like this: “We should start a soap and candle company. You like soap and I like candles.  It will be fun!” So, that's what we did it! The hours of testing, and using our families as guinea pigs, has brought us here, to you!

Leanne is the bubbly soap, bath and body product queen and Megan is the fire behind the candle making. Together, we not only love creating beautifully handcrafted artisan products, we feel that it is important to be contributors to healthy living.  Our soap, candles, bath and body products are clean and environmentally friendly; a representation of the gorgeous state we live, the 406!  We are proud to call the Flathead Valley our home, where we reside with our husbands and raise our children.  We are excited to share our love of good smells with all of you.

Thanks for stopping by!